Realizing the value of work

Last week I flew to Alicante to meet my shoe producer.

With the intention to map the production process. It’s from these nice experiences that I get energy from. It is at these moments that I feel that everything is falling into place and that my project is moving forward.
It was also quite an experience to really see how a shoe is made.

Every shoe is really made manually. I'm impressed by the amount of work that is needed for a pair of shoes.

And this is exactly why I sometimes like to pay a price for a nice product. We buy, use, ... so many products in our daily lives without being aware of it, or the amount of skills and knowledge that is needed to make these products.
We are in a society where everything goes fast. Where everything is quickly replaced and thrown away. But slowly I notice that we are more and more fed up with fast food, t-shirts that are wearable for a month, mobile phones that are not made to last, ....  So occasionally we enjoy a beautiful object that also has a longer lifespan.

This is of course also a bit the idea behind my shoes. The aim is to make shoes that last, through the day (with an interchangeable heel) and over the years because it can be made into a totally different shoe with a new heel. New shape, new color .... New shoe.
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