My first Swayer: Jaimy Van Den Broeck

Before I introduce my first guest, I would like to explain the word "swayer" that I use in this context.

A swayer is someone who exercises a certain influence, who has interesting ideas and experiences and wants to share them. But a swayer is certainly open to new visions and experiences and does not stubbornly cling to the old ones.

Let me introduce my first swayer: Jaimy Van Den Broeck from Lioness, Antwerp.

Lioness is a Fitness Center for women where strength and cardio training is done in circuit trainingJaimy played basketball at a high level and did some Fitness but not so intensively.

When she had to stop playing basketball she started to train more intensively.But very quickly she noticed that women were afraid to do strength training. Sadly, because this produces a lot of results, our lioness tells us.

Soon she also noticed that women do not really support each other in the gym and she wanted to change that. That is why she wanted to start a family, a group of friends who support each other, so that the self-confidence of those ladies would also grow.
One of the most important characteristics of Jaimy is that she is extremely positive, so that she experiences nothing as a failure, but rather a way to learn and move forward.

Guts and a lot of preparations was needed. And being surrounded by the right people and knowing what she wants Jaimy has had a super first year where she has put 300 women to work out.

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