Entrepreneurial life uncensored


I ‘ve been thinking about the series of interviews that I want to make about fascinating, interesting ladies.

I am still thinking about what I want to get out of those interviews and what I find interesting about them. It is certainly an idea, a project that is growing. But what I actually find a key element during those chats is daring to be vulnerable.

Consequently, I found that I could not ask my passengers to poor their soul if I do not do it myself from time to time.

That's why I'm going to make a few "Entrepreneurial-life-uncensored" movies every now and then to, hopefully, put everyone at ease.

I film, edit, subtitle them myself ... what a nightmare. You should see me at the school gate the Wednesday afternoon, waiting for the schoolbell to ring, with my laptop on my lap! I answer mails while I cook spaghetti or while I put the children in bath. 

And here is the first one. Voilà 2 of my pitfalls.
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